Protect trans and intersex people's rights in Hungary

Trans rights are human rights. But the Hungarian parliament ignored this and voted for a bill on 19 May which was signed into law by the President on 28 May. This law takes the country back to the dark ages. The parliament adopted a new law whose Article 33 bans legal gender recognition for transgender and intersex people.

The new law will not only expose them to further discrimination, but also deepen an already intolerant and hostile environment faced by LGBTI people in Hungary  - We must stop this from happening now.

“Imagine a world in which your government is running a smear campaign against people like you, and decides to put an extra field in your personal identification …Would you feel safe in that world?” - Ivett, a transperson and activist in Hungary.

The new law also contradicts the Fundamental Law and Hungary’s international human rights obligations. Without legal gender recognition, trans and intersex people are subject to discrimination, harassment, and violence every time they use their identity documents in their daily life.

“Everyone should be treated with respect and taken seriously regardless of their gender …Now we need you more than ever. Minorities always need support from people outside their groups, but it is especially true for such a small and fragile community as trans people.” – Ivett.

It is critical for Hungary’s Commissioner for Fundamental Rights to act urgently. If the Commissioner fails to act quickly, the ban could do immense damage to the lives of transgender and intersex people and lead to an increase of discrimination, attacks and hate crimes against them.

Take action now – Send an email and call on Hungary’s Commissioner for Fundamental Rights to urgently stop this appalling law by requesting a review by the Constitutional Court.