Between October 2019 and July 2020, at least 50 people were killed during different marches against the constitutional reform, and during protests for better living conditions and against the restrictive measures to combat COVID-19. Almost 200 people were injured, some of whom have been living with serious disabilities ever since. Sign our petition to call on the Guinean authorities to guarantee justice for the victims and their families.

Police violence resulted in the deaths of at least 50 people in Guinea over a nine-month period. Despite the risks involved, the victims’ families have decided to tell the stories of their loved ones, killed by those who were supposed to protect them. They are asking for the truth to be told and for justice to be served.

On 14 October 2019, Mamadou Karfa Diallo, 20, and his cousin Thierno Sadou Bah, 18, were participating in a demonstration behind their house. They were standing in front of a roadblock set up by young people from the neighborhood. Mamadou was filming himself on his phone when the security forces opened fire. Some minutes later, Mamadou was hit by a bullet in his back. His cousin, Thierno, came to his rescue and was also shot in the hip. They both died on the spot.

Their families have been seeking justice for more than a year now.

Many other young people died due to shots fired by the security forces in Guinea between October 2019 and July 2020. In several cases the public hospitals refused to accept the victims’ bodies, thus preventing autopsies from being conducted. Without an autopsy, it is difficult to clarify the circumstances in which they died or to pursue legal proceedings.

The impunity enjoyed by the defense and security forces must be ended. The Guinean authorities must take effective action to guarantee justice and to put a halt to police atrocities at this and all levels.

Join our members and supporters in calling for an end to police violence in Guinea.

Sign our petition and demand justice and reparations for the victims of the violent and disproportionate repression of protests in Guinea and their families.