Demand justice for Taner Kılıç

Our dear friend, the Honorary Chair of Amnesty Turkey Taner Kılıç, has been in prison since June 2017. He is on trial for crimes he did not commit, just because he spoke out against the government. Now the government is punishing him.

Taner’s family miss him desperately. His three daughters want nothing more than to give their dad a hug. On 31st of January a court ruled Taner should be freed. But while his family waited excitedly to greet him, he was re-arrested and taken back into prison for no reason.

The courts are trying to delay justice for Taner - his next hearing isn’t until June. But Taner is innocent and he must be allowed to return home to his family now.

Sending an email takes seconds. Please join us in fighting for Taner’s freedom. Send a message to the Turkish Ministry of Justice now demanding Taner is freed immediately.