Drop all charges against Taner Kılıç

Our dear friend and Honorary Chair of Amnesty Turkey, Taner Kılıç, is now free on bail after spending over 14 months in prison. Taner is an innocent man, yet he still faces criminal charges - all because of his human rights work.

Taner’s family spent over a year without him, everyday his three daughters wanted nothing more than to be reunited with their dad. Birthdays, anniversaries, school graduations – Taner missed them all while wrongly locked up in prison, just for being a human rights defender.

Now Taner is free. On 15 August, the Turkish authorities unexpectedly released him. However, Taner still faces ridiculous charges, accused of belonging to a terrorist organisation despite a police report proving he is innocent. A lawyer and human rights defender, Taner has spent decades defending the rights of refugees and other marginalized groups. He must be allowed to return to his life fully, knowing all charges against him have been dropped, because defending human rights is not a crime.

Please join us in fighting for Taner’s true freedom and show the Turkish authorities that we will not be silenced. Send a message to the Turkish Ministry of Justice now, demanding that all charges against Taner are dropped immediately.

Campaign Closed

After spending 14 months in prison unjustly, Taner is finally free!

He is deeply thankful for all of you who have campaigned relentlessly for his release. 

We are determined to continue the fight for the release of all those unjustly jailed people in Turkey.

Sign the petition by clicking the link below and add your voice for defending human rights in Turkey!


Stop Erdoğan's attack on human rights!