Free #TheBerksKids now

The United States Administration must stop locking up children and their families who are seeking safety

Imagine you are forced to flee your home to save your family from danger, and after a long and difficult journey, you reach a country where you think you will be safe. But then officials throw you and your family into a detention center while you pursue your claim for asylum. You don't know how long they will keep you there – and watch your child take their first steps in jail.

Every day, hundreds of families are locked up in three family detention centres, also known as “baby jails.” Their crime? Seeking safety in the United States of America.

The Berks family detention centre in Pennsylvania is the oldest of these “baby jails.” Last August, four children and their mothers had been held in jail there for nearly two years. This February, a teenage girl and her father who had started new lives in the US since 2015, were sent to Berks detention. She spent her 15th birthday behind bars and missed her quinceañera birthday. Thankfully these families have been released since, along with others – but dozens still remain there today, and new families continue to be locked up. 

Secretary Nielsen of the US Department of Homeland Security has the power to stop this from happening, and you can help.

Write to Secretary Nielsen now and demand an end to the detention of children and their families seeking asylum in the USA

Seeking asylum is not a crime, nobody should have to see their child walk for the first time in jail.

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When we unite in solidarity, compassion and respect, our actions are powerful. Thank you.

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