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Free detained protesters in Iran

In response to nationwide protests that took place in November 2019, the Iranian authorities waged a campaign of mass repression that led to the deaths of hundreds and the arrest of more than 7,000 men, women and children. Act now to call for the release of those arbitrarily detained in Iran.

Among those arrested were protesters, including children as young as 10, journalists, and human rights defenders. Many detainees, including prisoners of conscience, were subjected to incommunicado detention and enforced disappearance while held in undisclosed locations. Detainees were subjected to torture and other ill-treatment, including through beatings and floggings, electric shocks, waterboarding, mock executions, forcible extraction of nails, prolonged solitary confinement, sexual violence including through pepper spraying and electric shocks to the testicles, and deprivation of medical care and sufficient food and water.

Detainees were systematically denied access to their lawyers at the investigation stage of their cases and many were forced to make “confessions” under torture and other ill-treatment, which courts unlawfully used as “evidence”. Some were denied access to legal representation even at their trials. Hundreds have been prosecuted on overly broad and vague charges in unfair trials. Many have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms and flogging, and several flogging sentences have been carried out. At least three protesters have been sentenced to death.

Sign the petition and demand that authorities release those arbitrarily detained now.

Call on them to:

  • Immediately and unconditionally release all individuals detained solely for exercising their rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly;
  • Drop any charges stemming from the peaceful exercise of human rights and ensure that all convictions resulting from unfair trials, including those that relied on statements obtained through torture or other ill-treatment or without a lawyer present, are quashed;
  • Quash the convictions and sentences of anyone sentenced to death in connection with the protests and grant them a retrial in accordance with international fair trial standards and without recourse to the death penalty;
  • Conduct independent and impartial investigations into all allegations of enforced disappearance, torture, and other serious human rights violations, bringing those responsible to justice in fair trials.