Get Wang Quanzhang home to his family

Six-year-old Wang Guangwei thinks his dad is a hero. For nearly four years, he hasn't seen his father because he has been imprisoned by the Chinese Government for defending human rights.

Wang Quanzhang, is a human rights lawyer from China who has spent years defending the rights of others - and risking his safety to do it.

On 28 January 2019, he was sentenced for four and a half years in prison for “subverting state power”. After years not knowing where he was being held, we now know that Wang Quanzhang was recently transferred to Linyi City Prison in Shandong province.

On the 28 June 2019, Wang Quanzhang was able to see his family for the first time in 4 years. But only for 30 minutes. According to his wife, Li Wenzu, Wang has lost a lot of weight. His appearance is tired and aged - she says that he has become a different person. Wang, who used to be reserved and mellow, was very anxious and agitated during the meeting.

Li Wenzu is being followed and harassed by the government for trying to get him home, and the family still don’t have access to details about his case. She believes that the reason she hasn't suffered worse harassment is because the world is watching.

Support Wang Guangwei and his mother in their mission to get Wang Quanzhang back home safely. Send an email now.

Wang Quanzhang is a prisoner of conscience, and as long as he is detained, he remains at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. The Chinese government needs to release him immediately and unconditionally and let him go home to his family.