Help get Wang Quanzhang home to his family

Five-year-old Quanquan thinks his dad is a hero. But he hasn't seen him for over three years because he has been detained by the Chinese Government.

Wang Quanzhang is a human rights lawyer from China who has spent years defending the rights of others - and risking his safety to do it. One day, over three years ago, he was taken by the Chinese authorities and his family has not seen him since.

Wang Quanzhang’s wife Li Wenzu is trying to save and get him home safely. But she is being followed and sometimes even harassed by the authorities. Li Wenzu believes that the only reason she hasn't suffered from further harassment is because the world is watching.

On 26 December 2018, Li Wenzu was blocked from attending Wang’s closed-door trial held in Tianjin. The verdict hasn’t been announced but could be announced soon.

The Chinese government needs to drop the charges against Wang Quanzhang and let him go home to his family immediately.

You can support Quanquan and his mother and get Wang Quanzhang back home with his family. Send an email now.