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Keep Abiri Jones out of prison

Abiri Jones  was locked up in a Nigerian prison for two years simply for his journalism. Now he is facing jail again because of trumped up charges.

The Nigerian authorities won’t let him see any of his family, including his five children, or even his lawyer. He has spent two long years cut off from the people he loves, and from anyone that can help his case.

Just like everyone in Nigeria, Abiri has the right to his freedom. Worryingly, his situation illustrates a much bigger threat in Nigeria: that everyone's freedom to speak out and express their views is at serious risk.

Journalists, bloggers and the people that stand up for human rights in Nigeria are constantly being arrested, harassed and intimidated by the authorities.  Trumped up charges is one tactic the government uses to jail people who are speaking out against the government.

After pressure from thousands of people, Abiri has been released on bail, but he could be sent back to jail if we don’t keep the pressure up.

Sign the petition demanding that Nigeria's Attorney General and Minister of Justice drop all charges against Abiri Jones.  

We need to act now and put pressure on the people in power who can help stop Abiri from being locked up any longer. Staff from Amnesty will collect your signatures and send them to the authorities before the trial in order to show our support for Abiri.

Please take action now.


Campaign Closed

Good news! Journalist Jones Abiri was released from prison and all charges against him were dropped. He had been in prison for more than two years, mostly without access to his family or his lawyer. It’s thanks to people like you standing up for Jones Abiri and speaking out for our freedom that he was able to walk free.

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