Send a message to big business that no company should profit from the suffering of refugees

People here don’t have a real life. We are just surviving. We are dead souls in living bodies. We are just husks. We don’t have any hope or motivation”..
 A woman stuck on Nauru

For over 1,000 refugees and people seeking asylum, the small pacific state of Nauru is an island of despair they’ve been deported to simply for seeking safety in Australia. But for Spanish multinational Ferrovial, Nauru is a treasure island from which it is making millions of dollars.

The system that Australia has set up on Nauru for refugees and people seeking asylum, including children, involves deliberate cruelty and amounts to torture. They are subject to humiliation, neglect and abuse, leading to poor physical and mental health.

Their suffering is made worse by the fact that they are trapped on the island – they cannot leave, even after being officially recognized as a refugee. They have no idea if or when Australia or Nauru will allow them to leave the island.

Ferrovial is the sole shareholder of Broadspectrum, the Australian company that runs refugee “processing” centres on Nauru as well as Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, and facilitates this abusive system. Ferrovial is making millions of dollars from Broadspectrum’s operations on Nauru and Manus– while knowing the appalling conditions faced by refugees and people seeking asylum on the islands. Ferrovial has publicly claimed that it will end its operations on the two islands when its current contract with the Australian government ends on 31st October 2017. We want to make sure that it sticks to its promise.

Email Ferrovial now and demand that it stop profiting from abuse and end its operations on Nauru and Manus Island. 

Campaign Closed

Thank you for your support. This action is now closed, but there are many other people that urgently need your help. Each year, millions of people like you take action, standing up against human rights abuses all over the world. When we unite in solidarity, compassion and respect, our actions are powerful. Thank you.

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