Facebook: Stop supporting censorship in Viet Nam

Facebook is helping Vietnamese authorities silence critics by blocking people’s profiles and posts. Take action now and demand Facebook end its censorship shame in Viet Nam.

In Viet Nam, activists are routinely prevented from expressing their political opinions online. Our new research has exposed how Facebook is helping Vietnamese authorities to silence critics too.

People have reported that their profiles and posts have been blocked by Facebook, at the request of the Vietnamese authorities. One activist, Bui Van Thuan, had his Facebook account made invisible to users in Viet Nam, after he criticized the government’s mishandling of a land dispute in January 2020. His story is just one of more than 30 collected by Amnesty researchers.

By blocking posts by activists and media, Facebook is helping the government deny people like Bui their right to express their opinions online.

Act now: Tell Facebook to end its censorship shame in Viet Nam

This isn’t only about Viet Nam — it’s about people everywhere having the freedom to express their opinions. If the Vietnamese authorities successfully pressure Facebook to censor content in Viet Nam, other repressive governments could soon follow suit.

The good news is, Facebook is sensitive to change. Many of their recent policy changes, linked to combatting misinformation have arguably been in response to external pressure.

Now let’s clean up their act in Viet Nam.