Locked up for speaking out: tell the Egyptian government to stop the crackdown

In the worst crackdown on freedom of expression in the country’s recent history, Egyptian authorities have arrested dozens of individuals, including activists, journalists, politicians, football fans, and artists

Egyptians who speak up against the government are being locked up without a fair trial. They are branded as “terrorists” and “criminals” by the media, simply for peacefully expressing their opinions. A crackdown of this scale has not been seen in decades. But some brave Egyptians continue to speak out, despite the risks to their freedom.

Thanks to pressure from you, Amal Fathy, Haytham Mohamadeen and Wael Abbas have been released on probation.

But a conditional release is not enough. All three continue to face charges. Amal Fathy was sentenced to two years in prison in one of two cases against her. She is required to report to a police station for four hours twice a week and could be re-imprisoned at any time. Many others remain in prison. We need to keep the pressure up.

Join us, and call on Egyptian President Abdelfatah al-Sisi to:

  • Release immediately and unconditionally Adel Sabry, Ahmed Tarek, Hassan al-Banna, Hisham Genena, Moataz Wadnan, Mustafa al-Aasar, Shady Abu Zeid, and Shady al-Ghazali, and drop all charges against Amal Fathy, Haytham Mohamadeen and Wael Abbas.
  • Release all other detainees who have been imprisoned solely for peacefully expressing their opinions or doing their journalistic work.