Locked up for speaking out: tell the Egyptian government to stop the crackdown

Dozens of Egyptians – including activists, journalists, politicians, football fans, and artists – have been arrested in the worst crack-down in recent memory by the Egyptian authorities. 

Egyptians who speak up against the government are being locked up without a fair trial. They are branded as “terrorists” and “criminals” by the media. 500 websites have been shut down under new censorship laws. A crackdown of this scale has not been seen in decades. Out of fear, many Egyptians are choosing to stay silent or even leave the country. But some brave Egyptians continue to speak out, despite the risks to their freedom.

Amal Fathy (34) posted a video on Facebook criticising the government for failing to address sexual harassment. In May 2018, police raided Amal’s home in the middle of the night and detained her, along with her husband and young child. Her family was released, but Amal remains in prison and faces charges including “publishing a video that includes false news that could harm public peace”.

Hisham Genena (63) is a former top auditor and anti-corruption official, who was sacked after exposing massive government corruption. In January 2018, he gave an interview where he publicly supported a Presidential candidate against President Abdelfatah al-Sisi. Soon after, he was badly beaten outside his home. He was then arrested in February and is serving a 5 years prison sentence, after an unfair military trial.

Wael Abbas (43) is an award winning old blogger, known globally for documenting abuses by Egyptian security forces. In May 2018, his house was raided by armed police, and he was blindfolded and arrested. He is facing charges of joining a banned group and ‘publishing false information for the purpose of harming national security’.

These are just three cases among dozens of others who have been imprisoned merely for sharing their opinions. President Abdelfatah al-Sisi has repeatedly said that Egyptians are free to speak as they wish. It’s time he kept to his word.

Join us, and call on Egyptian President Abdelfatah al-Sisi to:

  • Release immediately and unconditionally Amal Fathy, Hisham Genena, and Wael Abbas.
  • Release all other detainees who have been imprisoned solely for peacefully exercising their opinions or doing their journalistic work.