Benin. Help seek truth and justice on the death of Prudence Amoussou

One evening in May 2019, Prudence Amoussou, a mother of 7, was hoping to resume her work as a street food seller at her usual spot. There were protests earlier that day. Her teenage daughter went to see if things had calmed down. As hours went by, Prudence worried her daughter got caught in the protests, so she went to find her. She was shot in the back and died the next day.

It’s been more than a year since Prudence’s tragic death. On the evening of Labor Day 2019, security forces violently repressed demonstrations in Benin. The police fired live bullets at the protestors. Prudence got shot in the back as she was looking for her daughter. She was left lying in a pool of her own blood, struggling to draw her breath. A video capturing those moments went viral. 

That night, Prudence was rushed to the hospital and had surgery. Prudence died in the early hours of 2 May 2019. However, her death certificate states that she died as a result of an “illness”. Without recognition of what truly happened to Prudence, her family hasn’t been able to truly grieve. 

Prudence’s death is one of the many cases of human rights violations that happened during the crackdowns on protests in May 2019. Her killers should not get away with her murder. 

Help us fight for the truth and justice about Prudence’s death. Simply send an email to the President of Benin, Patrice Talon to call on him to:

  • Prohibit amnesty for crimes or other serious human rights violations committed during the protests in May 2019;
  • Guarantee that impartial and independent investigations are opened into cases of unlawful killings, and that perpetrators are brought to justice in fair trials;
  • Provide to Prudence’s family and all victims of the post-electoral violence with adequate, effective and prompt reparation;