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Demand sex workers’ protection in the Dominican Republic

“If they can have her, why can’t we?” The police are raping and torturing sex workers in the Dominican Republic. We must demand their protection and rights now.

Dominican police are routinely raping, beating and humiliating women who engage in sex work – often at gunpoint. Trans women suffer particularly extreme forms of sexual abuse and humiliation due to the additional transphobia they face.

The sexist, macho culture among the National Police, along with the intense social stigma and discrimination against sex workers, embolden the police to unlawfully abuse their powers.  They torture women sex workers as a form punishment and social control.

“Bitch, this is what you are good for” - A police officer said to a sex worker before he raped her.

Some of these sex workers are also women human rights defenders (WHRDs) in the Dominican Republic, fighting for their rights. But they are often excluded from human rights and feminist movements due to their occupation as sex workers.

For all women to be free, we must begin by fighting for the rights of the most marginalised women. When we raise our voices in support of women sex workers, we raise our voices for all women.

Sign your name and demand the Dominican Republic to take concrete measures to protect these women from gender-based torture and ill-treatment, including the approval of an anti-discrimination bill.