Defend the right to protest in Algeria

Right now, hundreds of people in Algeria are facing detention just for peacefully protesting – act now to defend their rights.

Students, lawyers, journalists and others participated to these peaceful protests every Friday - every Friday protesters came out to call for a better political system.

But the Algerian authorities have responded by clamping down with excessive force. Over 300 people have been arbitrarily arrested - many have been sentenced to prison sentences just for holding the Amazigh flag.

One demonstrator called Ramzi took part in the protests with his friends and made the 50 km trip from Bougara in Blida to Algiers every Friday. On 12 April, after protests were dispersed by security forces using tear gas and water cannons, Ramzi and his friends were stopped on their way home by police. The police beat Ramzi and his friends with sticks and Ramzi died from his injuries.

As elections in Algeria on the 12th December are fast approach, the crackdown from the authorities is intensifying. Let’s use this moment of influence to demand change.

Take action and demand that the government of Algeria respect the right to peaceful protest.