Cyprus: Allow Ahmed H to reunite with his family

It was August 2015 when Ahmed H. left his family home in Cyprus to help his elderly parents and family members flee the conflict in Syria. The only thing he wanted was to ensure that his loved ones found safety in Europe, instead he became a victim himself of Hungary’s draconian terrorism law.

Ahmed H. was arrested in September 2015 and became a pawn in the Orban government’s attempt to make villains out of refugees and migrants. He was unjustly convicted and spent over three years in prison.

Ahmed was among hundreds of refugees stranded at the Hungarian border in 2015 after police fenced off the crossing with Serbia. After a riot broke out, Ahmed was the only one charged under Hungary’s draconian counter-terrorism law. During the criminal process in Hungary, the government repeatedly called Ahmed a terrorist in an effort to persuade the public that refugees and migrants are threats to the country, instead of ordinary people in need of protection.

The United Nations, the European Parliament and the US State Department have all expressed concern about Hungary’s deliberate misapplication of terrorism charges in Ahmed’s case.

Ahmed is a Syrian national and a long-term resident of Cyprus. His wife and two young daughters are all Cypriot nationals. His daughters were born and have lived in Cyprus all their lives.

He is stuck now in an immigration detention centre in Hungary waiting for Cyprus to decide his fate. Cyprus is Ahmed’s last hope to be reunited with his wife and two young daughters.

Join us now and call on the Cypriot authorities to allow Ahmed to reunite with his family - Send an email to the President and the Ministers of Cyprus now, and urge them to bring Ahmed back home.

Campaign Closed

Thank you for taking action and supporting our campaign for Ahmed!

Ahmed is now free and has reunited with his family in Cyprus.


When we act together, we can create the change and protect people suffering human rights abuses across the world!

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