Coronavirus: Stop censorship in China

Censorship, harassment and punishment for speaking out are hindering the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Take action now to demand an end to censorship in China.

In February 2020, a doctor who was accused of “spreading rumours” and silenced after sounding the alarm over the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, died from the spread of the very virus he was trying to stop. News of Li Wenliang’s death sparked anger across China, with people mobilizing online to oppose censorship of news about the virus outbreak, which has so far taken over a thousand lives.

That censorship continues. Some legitimate information about the virus has been suppressed by government control over the news and efforts to silence negative coverage. Numerous articles have been censored since the beginning of the crisis. Online posts and hashtags related to the coronavirus and demands for free speech have been quickly deleted. Independent journalists and activists have been harassed by authorities for sharing information about the coronavirus on social media.

People in China have lived under government censorship for many years, but now many are questioning how censorship may have delayed an effective response to the virus outbreak and put lives at risk. Show your solidarity and ask President Xi Jinping to stop censoring the Chinese people.

Act now: Ask China to stop censoring its people, and allow them access to the information they need.