Colombia: guarantee the rights of citizens.

Call on the Colombian government to guarantee the rights to truth, justice, and reparation for the victims of the conflict in Chocó and to develop a comprehensive protection mechanism for those living in the department

According to Amnesty International, approximately 7,000 members of Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities in Chocó face death threats and are at risk of forced displacement. Most have been forcibly confined to their territories for more than a year because of the ongoing confrontations between illegal armed groups.

The community's access to basic services, including physical and psychosocial health care, is almost non-existent. Their situation is extremely serious and immediate measures must be taken before it leads to other serious human rights violations. 

Seventeen years ago, the "Bojayá massacre”, one of the most distressing episodes in Colombian history, took place in the same area. Thousands of people were killed in the crossfire during a confrontation between the FARC guerilla and paramilitary groups while the state failed to take steps to prevent the loss of life. To date, the victims of the massacre and their relatives have not received proper protection and the state has not ensured their rights to truth, justice, and reparation.

We can not let history repeat itself! The state must immediately implement a comprehensive protection plan for people in Chocó and ensure that victims receive reparations and guarantees that human rights violations will be prevented.

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