Colombia: Urge President Duque to protect thousands at risk of death and displacement

Can you imagine not being able to leave your house due to the fear of being killed? This is what thousands of people feel every day in Chocó.

Chocó is home to thousands of Afro and Indigenous people who have suffered from the consequences of armed conflict for more than a year. Almost 3,000 people in the municipality of Bojayá and more than 7,000 throughout Chocó live trapped in their communities with the constant fear of losing their lives or having to leave their homes to save them.

Armed groups such as the National Liberation Army and the Gaitanista paramilitary group have besieged entire communities, recruiting girls and boys, assassinating social leaders and laying anti-personnel mines. In 2002, a total of 119 people were killed and dozens injured in the Bojayá Massacre during a confrontation between armed groups, due to the inaction of the authorities.

Despite the danger and negligence of the authorities, the people of Chocó still dream of the day when they can live with peace and dignity in the company of their loved ones.

President Ivan Duque has the power and obligation to change this situation by protecting people's lives through a Comprehensive Protection Plan in consultation with affected communities.

We can't let history repeat itself!  Ask the president to urgently protect the communities of Chocó. Sign this petition.


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