Latin America and the Caribbean, protect people fleeing Venezuela

" If you want to find a way forward, you have to leave. If you want to die, you stay."

In Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, Stephanie explains how her life in Caracas was "a struggle to survive". Jesus, 27, says he fled to Peru to “avoid being killed by AIDS" because of the lack of medicines in the country. Daniel, 28, left Venezuela for Peru to “move away from the constant fear" with which he lived back home. In Buenos Aires, José Luís, a 51-year-old teacher, just wants to get his children out of Venezuela and give them a better life.

In Venezuela, people suffer violations of their most basic rights on a daily basis. These are massive violations of human rights to life, health and freedom that affect society as a whole. More than 3.7 million people have had to leave the country escaping this reality, seeking to survive the present and build a future.

The states that receive most of the people fleeing Venezuela have an obligation to protect their human rights. You cannot take a step back. They must denounce the dramatic situation that forces millions to flee and ensure that these people can enter their countries and are protected.

Sign this action and ask Latin Americas and Caribbean states to protect the Venezuelan people fleeing their country.