Czech Republic - End the ethnic discrimination of Romani children in schools

From April to August 2015, 38,334 people in 94 countries urged the Czech Prime Minister to end the discrimination of Romani children in schools.

A huge thank you to everyone who took action – we will use your voices to push the Czech government to make change happen.

You took action because Romani children in the Czech Republic are not getting the education that is their right. They’re bullied just for being different, kept apart from other children and even placed in schools for pupils with learning disabilities. It means they can’t fulfil their potential and help build a better future for their families.

So far, the Czech Republic has not done enough to wipe out the discrimination Romani children face in schools. It has been criticised by international and regional institutions, including by the European Commission, for failing to tackle this injustice.

Amnesty International will continue to push the Czech government to acknowledge the extent of the problem, make a public commitment to end it, and develop a detailed plan to show us how they’ll do it.