Act now for teenager José Adrián

Walking home safely after school is a luxury in Mexico, one that José Adrian was not lucky enough to have. Two years after a violent altercation, Jose Adrian still does not feel safe. Why? Because his perpetrators, local police officers, are still out there. 

José Adrián, a Mayan teenage boy with an undiagnosed disability that impacts on his capacity to hear and communicate easily, was 14 years old when police arbitrarily arrested and beat him in his X-Can community in the State of Yucatan, Mexico on 25 February 2016.

José Adrián was walking home from school just after a group of boys had fight on the street during which stones were thrown at a police car. When the police turned up, things took a dangerous turn. Instead of being protected by the police like he should have, neighbors saw the police arrest and beat the child against the police car, step on his head and cause an injury to his neck. They pulled off his shirt and shoes and took him to the cells of the municipality in the nearby town of Chemax. He was handcuffed, hung from the wall and left there for what seemed like hours.

After hearing about their child’s ordeal, his parents were forced to pay a fine and pay for the damage to the police car just to get him out of jail.

José Adrián’s family could have gone home and tried to forget about what happened, but they have chosen to fight for justice. They filed a complaint and are calling for justice - with your help we can bring attention to his case and make sure their voices are heard.

Sign now and demand that the authorities bring José Adrian’s attackers to justice.

Demand that the local authorities:

• Provide José Adrián and his family adequate reparation for the violations of the human rights he suffered, in accordance with his and his family’s wishes.

• Carry out a full, prompt and impartial investigation on José Adrian´s case, and bring to justice the public servants suspected of criminal responsibility, including those with command responsibility over the police, to face a fair trial.

José Adrián is just one of many survivors of the excessive use of force by police around the world. We can all stand up and demand change, sign for José now.