Cameroon: Ask for justice and answers for the families of the +130 disappeared

In December 2014, the Cameroonian army, in a search of two villages in the Far North, arrested several hundred men, suspected without evidence, of being members of Boko Haram. Locked up overnight in inhuman and degrading conditions, some will resolve to drink their own sweat to quench a thirst that could prove fatal. From the stories of survivors, there would have been only about forty people who came out alive. The rest... everything else... remains gone. Today, we must break the silence and hold the authorities to account for the families of the disappeared.

Sign our petition and demand accountability to break the silence.

Ask President Paul Biya to provide answers to the families.

For more information, visit our campaign page: 130 disappeared, 5 years without answers

Or watch the full video of that night's horror story: