Digital Disruptors: Nigeria
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Digital Disruptors: Nigeria

Are you a young activist who wants to challenge injustice and attacks on Freedom of Expression in Nigeria? Whether you want to make change in your school, your community or across Nigeria - apply to become a Digital Disruptor and drive the change you want to see.

The Digital Disruptors Project puts you and your friends at the driving seat of the social change you so want to see. With the support of Amnesty International staff, you will design and lead on a digital campaign in Nigeria.

Are you aged 21-29 and have an interesting idea for a human rights digital campaign and are ready to bring it to life? We want to hear from you! 

Please read the information on this web page carefully, and then click on the link below to complete your application.

If you want to discuss your application or campaign before completing the form, get in touch with us via this form.

Applications close on Friday 17th April. 

Want to make change in Nigeria?

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⚡The chosen Digital Disruptors will receive

  • Training and education on digital campaigning, to help you launch your own digital campaign
  • Seven months of support and tips from Amnesty's staff to make your campaign as successful as possible
  • Up to 2,000,000 naira to launch your campaign


I had very little knowledge about digital campaigning before Digital Disruptors, so it was a completely new learning experience. I gained the skills and tools to organize and campaign effectively.
Digital Disruptor, Puerto Rico

⚡Campaign Thematic: Freedom of Expression

We want your campaign to be about Freedom of Expression. Why? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights defines freedom of expression as the right of every individual to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. The full protection of this right is important for every society.

In Nigeria, this right continues to suffer attack. There are clear and consistent attacks on freedom of information and expression in Nigeria. Attacks on journalists and media activists have continued unabated. There are also attempts to regulate free speech via legislative bills. The protection of the right to freedom of expression in Nigeria is highly needed.

⚡Who can apply?

Digital Disruptors is aimed at those between the ages of 21-29.

It will be an exciting, fun project but with lots of responsibility. We strongly recommend that you apply in a group of up to 5 people. Running your own campaign will take time, and it will be easier if you are in a group.

You will receive intensive support from Amnesty until the end of 2020, in order for you to successfully design and lead your own digital campaign. Your campaign will hopefully live on much longer than that and you will be able to continue leading it with increased confidence, resources and skills.

The project runs from April 2020- January 2021. During this time we expect all participants in the program to spend 15-25 hours a month on the project. The project is voluntary, i.e something you do unpaid.

⚡Key Information

The application deadline is midnight West Africa Time on Friday 17th April 2020. Until then, you and your group are welcome contact us to get feedback on your campaign idea. We would love to provide feedback to all potential applicants, so the earlier you get in touch, the more time we will have to give you good feedback. To get in touch, use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

After 17th April, we will review the applications and be in touch with all applicants to let them know whether they have been successful. One group and campaign idea will be selected for the project.

The main campaign training/workshops will take place across June 2020 – most likely the first and last week of June. During these workshops, Amnesty staff and digital campaigning experts will train you, and will help you put together a plan for your campaign. 

After this, you will work on developing your campaign with the support of Amnesty International staff. We will have regular meetings with you for inspiration, guidance and support. By September, we hope you will be ready to launch your campaign! But we will continue to support you during the first six weeks of the campaign, after which it will be up to you to maintain it and keep it going.

Your group will have access to up to 2,000,000 naira from Amnesty International to support your campaign. You can use it for this money to, for example, buy editing programs, rent equipment, organize an event or demonstration, or promote your campaign on social media. It's up to you! 


The workshop was a safe space to learn, ask questions and work on a campaign we wholeheartedly believe in.
Digital Disruptor, Puerto Rico


  1. I am not within the age bracket provided. Can I still apply?

This project specifically targets young people within the age of 21 to 29.

However, if you aren’t within this age bracket but still interested, we would love to update you on the development of the project, use the contact form below to get in touch and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

  1. I live outside Abuja. Can I still apply?

This project will involve workshops and meetings in Abuja. It’ll only be convenient to participate if you are living in Abuja.

  1. Do I need to be a Lawyer to apply?

You do not need to be a Lawyer to apply. We welcome applications from anyone aged 21-29 in Abuja that is passionate about freedom of expression, social justice and ideally has some experience in campaigning, activism or advocacy.

  1. Am I going to be paid for this?

No, salaries will not be paid to activists selected for this project. However, basic expenses like transportation, feeding and other logistics will be covered.

  1. How long will the project last?

You will be formally supported by Amnesty International until December 2020, but the idea is your campaign will live on much longer than that. Our support is to kick start your campaign and for it to be sustainable without Amnesty’s support.

  1. I am currently working a full-time employment. Can I still apply?

The project will require 15-25 hours monthly. If you can be flexible with your work and commit to the project, you’re encouraged to apply.

  1. Must I be affiliated with Amnesty to participate in this project?

You don’t have to be affiliated with Amnesty to apply for this project.

  1. Can I apply as an individual, or must I be part of a group?

We strongly recommend that you apply in groups of 2-5 people. Running your own campaign will take time, and it will be easier if you are in a group. However, if you are an individual who is confident that they can run a campaign alone, or is willing to work with others, we encourage you to apply.

  1. I do not have any experience in Digital Campaigning. Can I still apply?

An experience in Digital Campaigning is not a must. However, any other advocacy, activism or campaigning experience is desirable.

  1. How many activists will be selected for this project?

One group (one campaign idea) of up to 5 people will be selected for the project.

  1. Do I get a certificate of participation after this project?

Yes. Certificates of participation will be issued to the selected Digital Disruptors at the end of the project.


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