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The Wordmark

consists of the words Amnesty International and the Amnesty Candle placed within a defined rectangular box. The construction and clear space around the logo are determined as shown. We never change the proportions of the logo or the distance between the wording and the Candle.

To create maximum impact our logo works best when placed on a contrasting background and should never be placed over a background with the same colour.

We prefer to place the Wordmark in the bottom right corner. When it is not possible to place the Wordmark in the bottom right hand corner due to image/language/other constraints then it may be positioned in any other given corner, whichever best suits your layout.

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Logo use examples

Logo layout and dimensions

Standard paper size layouts


How much yellow?
Yellow is our primary colour and symbolizes intervention. We use it like an alert to highlight a level of urgency. Simply, the more the yellow, the more urgent the ask. There are a variety of ways to employ the yellow as the examples show. We use it to give emphasis or special importance to a particular word or to draw special attention to a piece of communication. Considered use of the yellow can help to make a message more visually prominent and to accentuate key words/sentences. Yellow can also be used as a detail of colour in an image.

Secondary colours
Black is the main secondary colour to yellow. It is designed to add strong contrast helping yellow to really stand out and also when black is the only option.

There is a set of secondary greys which should be used sparingly so not to compete with Amnesty Yellow - for example in information graphics and references in reports. 

Opposites attract
White plays a vital role in the colour palette too and in many ways is as equally important as black. Sometimes there is a need for a lighter, brighter and more open look to a communication. We use white as the dominant background colour in reports, campaign digests, and also for headlines and copy over still and video imagery. 


Our Colours

Colour usage

The Candle 

The candle is best used at demonstrations and protests, events in public spaces. It should be placed in the top right corner and supported by the words Amnesty International in the bottom left corner.

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The candle

Street banners

Video endboards

Our typeface

The brand typeface is Amnesty Trade Gothic. It is bold, sharp, clear to read and when used in upper case it gives urgency, power and directness to our messages. It should be used in all our communications to help build a unified and consistent voice across the whole movement.

Due to licensing restrictions we cannot provide a downloadable version. Please contact


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