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India: Authorities must impartially investigate gang-rape and murder of Dalit girls

30 May 2014

The gang-rape and murder of two teenage Dalit girls in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh is a gruesome reminder of the violence that Dalit women and girls face in India.

Zambia: Court postpones verdict on two men accused of having gay sex

30 May 2014

The protracted detention of two Zambian men accused of having sex is an affront to all who believe in fundamental human rights, equality and non-discrimination.

Torture in 2014: Stories of modern horror

29 May 2014

A Mexican woman is raped on a police bus; a Nigerian man still suffers from migraines four years after police repeatedly banged his head against a concrete wall; a woman from the Philippines still has flashbacks of the moment a soldier poured hot candle wax over her skin. 

China: Shameful stadium ‘show trial’ is not justice

29 May 2014

The deplorable mass sentencing of 55 people at a stadium in north-western China is no solution to addressing public security fears.

Pakistan must investigate Inter-Services Intelligence over attacks against journalists

29 May 2014

Amnesty International calls for an investigation into military spy agency on the third anniversary of the abduction and killing of Pakistani journalist Saleem Shahzad.

Stuart Franklin: 'It was a David and Goliath moment'

28 May 2014

When world renowned photographer Stuart Franklin was standing on a crowded balcony five stories up from Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, pointing his camera at a man standing defiant in front of a row of Chinese tanks, he thought he was too far away from the action.

China: Persecution of Tiananmen activists exposes President Xi’s reform lies

28 May 2014

President Xi has chosen repression over reform with the widespread persecution of activists in the run-up to the 25th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.

France: Forced evictions at Calais camps risk exacerbating health concerns

28 May 2014

French police encircled makeshift settlements occupied by migrants and asylum-seekers in the Calais area and began a process of dismantling them.

Kenya: Somalis scapegoated in counter-terror crackdown

27 May 2014

Kenya’s Somali community is being scapegoated in a counter-terror operation which has seen thousands subjected to arbitrary arrest, harassment, extortion, ill-treatment, forcible relocation and expulsion.

CAR: Change in Government must not lead to impunity

23 May 2014

The interim president of the Central African Republic, Catherine Samba-Panza, must ensure that changes in the makeup of the government do not result in a situation where people suspected of crimes under international law may use government roles to enjoy impunity. 

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