The Wire, December 2002. Vol. 32, No.10.

Index Number: NWS 21/010/2002

1.) China: clamps down on users of the internet; 2.) Côte d’Ivoire: hit by turbulent times; 3.) Mauritania: Slavery still scars despite its abolition in law; 4.) Kenya: Abuses during elections; 5.) Brazil: Newly elected President says he will combat poverty and implement reforms; 6.) Bangladesh: Mass arrests in ‘Operation clean heart’; 7.) Worldwide Appeals: Austria; Morocco/Western Sahara; Ecuador; Laos; 8.) Updates: Tibetan nun has been released; Release in Equatorial Guinea; UN adopts new treaty designed to prevent torture; 9.)Morocco: Young people meet in Morocco; 10.) Ten Turkish police officers found guilty of torture; 11.) Israeli war crimes committed in Jenin and Nablus must be investigated; 12.) ‘Justice for everybody’ ;13.) Solidarity quilts for Colombia; 14.) Recent reports.

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