The Wire, October 2005. Vol. 35, No. 9.

1) Women fight for rights in Afghan elections 2) Colombia’s paramilitaries ‘recycled’ into conflict 3) Torture debases justice in US bid to contain ‘terror threat’ 4) ‘How confessions are beaten out…’ by Ukraine authorities 5) Ethnic minorities singled out for attack in Iran 6) AI lights the flame of hope at ICM 7) Worldwide appeals: Yemen: Death penalty appeal to President; Guinea: Executions imminent; Democratic Republic of Congo: Teenage boy sentenced to death; Sudan: Young offender at risk of execution 8) Updates: Moroccan prisoners of war released; Stay of execution in Uzbekistan; Death penalty for rape in Liberia 9) Former death row prisoner in Nigeria describes torment 10) Obstacles to abolition in Nigeria – a legal view 11) Uganda to end mandatory death sentences 12) A beacon for West Africa 13) World day against the death penalty

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