Amnesty International News, August 1995. Vol.25, No.8.

1. Burundi: A call for justice and an end to killing. 2. Pakistan: The law must change to halt use of leg fetters and chains. 3. Iran: Official secrecy fails to hide violations. 4. News in brief (Myanmar / Thailand: Karen refugees; Equatorial Guinea, new AI report). 5. USA: The wrong side of the law (Focus). 6. Worldwide appeals (Turkey: Eren Keskin; Saudi Arabia: five Somali nationals sentenced to death; Viet Nam: Thich Quang Do, 68 year old Buddhist monk and writer. 7. Cuba: Prisoner of conscience set free after international delegation visit (includes photograph – Yndamiro Restano Diaz). 8. Romania: Broken commitments to human rights (includes photograph – Maria Moldovan).

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