The Wire, August 2008. Vol 38, No. 7

Index Number: NWS 21/007/2008

1) Violence against women in the home continues in Mexico 2) Tunisia: Torturing detainees 3) Ongoing impunity for police violence in Africa 4) Enforced disappearance – the missing are not forgotten: Philippines; Chad; Algeria 5) Worldwide Appeals: Iraq: Missing since December 2005; El Salvador: Disappeared children of El Salvador; 6) Update: Algeria: Sentences for relatives of the disappeared 7) Good news: Morocco: Human rights defender Brahim Sabbar released 8) US Supreme Court: Guantánamo detainees can challenge detention 9) Kurdish minority in Iran continues to suffer human rights abuses 10) Nations unite to ban cluster munitions at historic Dublin convention 11) Belarus: Article 193-1 must go 12) Snapshot: Amnesty International Belgium’s world record candle lighting action

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