Amnesty International News, October 1993. Vol.23, No.7.

1. North Korea: Evidence of systematic abuses emerges. 2. Tunisia: Deaths in custody linked to torture. 3. The former USSR: Homosexual sex decriminalized in three republics. 4. Senegal: Torture and ill-treatment in political cases. 5. Sierra Leone: Prisoners released after AI calls for review of cases. 6. Syria: Political prisoners jailed for up to 15 years in unfair trials; Death in custody. 7. Peru: Secret graves of massacre victims. 8. Zaire: Thousands killed in ethnic violence. 9. Burundi: General amnesty announced. 10. Worldwide appeals on cases in Brazil, Egypt, Myanmar and an update on an appeal from Azerbaydzhan. 11. Focus: Licence to kill – political murders and “disappearances”

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