Wire, November/December 2013. Vol. 43, issue 006

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: How many more? Syria’s refugees top 2 million 3) Write for rights: Occupied Palestinian Territories: A tiny village with a big voice 4) ‘Love flows across the world’ 5) Ethiopia: A lifeline to the world 6) Tunisia: ‘You can go to jail for a word or an idea’ 7) Keep up the pressure on Myanmar 8) Russia: Free the Bolotnaya 3! 9) Mexico: Tortured at random 10) Cambodia: ‘Never forget Bopha!’ 11) Nigeria: From victim to human rights activist 12) Turkey: Caught up in the Gezi Park protest 13) Bahrain: The high price telling hard truths 14) Honduras: ‘they can’t clip our wings’ 15) Belarus: Out in the open

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