The Wire, December 2010/January 2011. Vol. 40, issue 006

1) ‘I want to shout to the world’ 2) LiveWire: Roma still treated like waste in Romania; Russian demonstrators vow to continue the fight for freedom of assembly; Calling on Nigeria to investigate Bundu shootings 3) Clampdown on rights defenders flows Kyrgyzstan violence 4) Egypt: Detained without charge 5) A letter from Mexico: The Invisibles 6) Gaza conflict: Time for justice 7) Girls speak out against sexual violence in Nicaragua 8) Human Rights Talk; Abdel Monim Elgak and Ali Agab 9) Did you know? Campaign continues for Mordechai Vanunu; Right to water now legally binding 10) Write for Rights: Roma families, Romania; Zelimkhan Murdalov, Russian Federation; Saber Ragoubi, Tunisia; Mao Hengfeng, China; Norma Cruz, Guatemala; Su Su Nway, Myanmar; Khady Bassène, Senegal;Walid Yunis Ahmad, Iraq; Father Alejandro Solalinde, Mexico; Femi Peters, Gambia

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