The Wire, December 2009/January 2010. Vol. 39, issue 006

1) International Migrants Day: Trapped 2) Livewire: Message on maternal mortality 3) Research spotlight: Nigerian police are killing at will; Children prosecuted under anti-terrorism laws in Turkey; Government fails Indigenous people in Peru; Authorities violently repress protests in China; Moroccan authorities punish Sahrawis for supporting self-determination; A lesson in injustice for Romani children in the Czech Republic; Crushed by poverty: Cairo’s unsafe areas 4) Human Rights Day: Write for rights: Azam Farmonov and Alisher Karamatov, Uzbekistan; Rita Mahato, Nepal; Musaad Abu Fagr, Egypt; Former members of the Progress Party of Equatorial Guinea; Women’s rights defenders in Nicaragua 5) Get on board with migrants’ rights (poster) 6) Save the dates 2010 (bookmark) 7) Worldwide Appeals: Mozambique: Businessman shot dead; Morocco: Prisoner of conscience; North Korea: South Korean national abducted in China; Mexico: Unfair trial denies justice for victim’s family; Russian Federation: Abduction and disappearance in Chechnya; Israel/OPT: Administrative detention 8) Human rights talk: Q&A: Father Alejandro Solalinde Guerra 9) How To: Act creative 10) Arms trade deadly for Somali civilians 11) Did you know? Mongolian man on death row pardoned; Clarification; Campaigning to reduce maternal mortality in Sierra Leone

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