Amnesty International News, September 1993. Vol.23, No.6.

1. Bolivia: Former president guilty of genocide. 2. Sudan: Hundreds massacred in revenge attack. 3. Turkey: Police torture villagers in sub- zero conditions. 4. El Salvador: “What guarantee do we have that it will never happen again?”. 5. Jordan: Political prisoners held incommunicado. 6. France: Franco-Algerian suffers second police attack. 7. Algeria: Security forces kill hundreds of activists. 8. UN World Conference on Human Rights: Human rights groups take centre stage. 9. Thailand: Still missing. 10. UK / Northern Ireland: Unfair trials in Diplock Courts. 11. South Africa: Police officer charged with murder. 12. Worldwide appeals on cases in Sudan, Tadzhikistan, Indonesia and an update on Yemen. 13. Focus: The shattered union: AI’s concerns in the former USSR.

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