The Wire, June 2001. Vol.31, No.4.

Index Number: NWS 21/005/2001

1.) Refugees at risk; 2.) Tiananmen mothers fight for justice; 3.) Isolation fears over Turkey’s new prisons; 4.) Trade unions under fire; 5.) Opinion piece: “Consensual” executions: One more indicator of the brutalizing futility of the death penalty; 5.) Worldwide appeals: Armenia: Imprisonment of conscientious objectors; Viet nam: Prisoner of Conscience held for his religious beliefs; Saudi Arabia: Possible prisoner of conscience held without charge or trial; 6.) Update on Néjib Hosni; 7.) News in brief: Kenya; Philipines -death sentences commuted; Malaysia: Renewed use of draconian law to silence critics; Colombia; Morocco: Section status recognized; Brazil – for torturers it is business as usual; 8.) Good news: Friendship beyond bars; 9.) Terms explained; 10.) Reports and briefings

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