The Wire, August/September 2010. Vol. 40, issue 04

1) Indigenous rights in Brazil: Pushed into poverty 2) LiveWire: Kuwait: The case of Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader al-Jasem; Haiti’s displaced people feel neglected by the state; Meeting the women of Nairobi’s slums 3) Research spotlight: Human rights crisis afflicts millions in northwest Pakistan; A bullet in the back of the head: Executions continue in Belarus 4) Democratic Republic of Congo: No turning back? 5) Poster: Build a safer fairer future (DRC) 6) Human rights talk: Q&A: Valdênia A. Paulino Lanfranchi 7) Where we stand 8) Enforced disappearances: They will never give up 9) Research spotlight: Leaving nothing to chance in Myanmar elections; Georgia: Time to end the crisis of displacement 10) Death penalty in Ghana: Help us abolish the death penalty in Ghana 11)) Did you know? Online activism – now easier than ever; Justice now for victims of enforced disappearance in Sudan 12) Worldwide appeals: Guatemala: “Please don’t tire or forget us” : Claudina Velásquez; Israel/OPT: Whistle blower imprisoned again: Mordechai Vanunu; Libya/Egypt: Opposition members forcibly disappeared: ‘Ezzat Youssef al Maqrif and Jaballah Matar; Republic of Congo: Detained without charge or trial: Germain Ndabamenya Etikilome, Medard Mabwaka Egbonde and Bosch Ndala Umba; Bosnia and Herzegovina: End impunity for enforced disappearance: Avdo Palić; Viet Nam: Monk under house arrest: Thich Quang Do

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