Amnesty International News, April 1996. Vol.26, No.4.

1. Bahrain: Hundreds arrested as protests flare up; 2. Senegal: Widespread use of torture persists with impunity while human rights abuses continue in Casamance; 3. Israel and the Occupied Territories, including areas under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authorities: AI visit; 4. Papua New Guinea: Executions may resume after more than 40 years; 5. Worldwide appeals: Turkey: Mahmut Kacar, Mexico: Aurora Nazario Arrieta, Libya: Jun’a ‘Ateyqa, Kenya: update: Koigi was Wamwere, Charles Kuria Wamwere, G.G Njuguna Ngengi; 6. Honduras: Struggle against impunity prevails against the odds; 7. Germany: Detainees allege ill-treatment by police officers; 8. Focus: China: Living in the shadow of repression.

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