Amnesty International News, June 1993. Vol.23, No.3.

Index Number: NWS 21/003/1993

1. Egypt: Grave human rights abuses; 2. Togo: Extrajudicial executions; 3. Guatemala: Military accused of torturing secret detainees; 4. Greece: Government critics face prison; 5. Crackdown in Cameroon; 6. Kuwait: Death sentences follow unfair trials; 7. South Africa: Arbitrary detention follows prison wardens’ strike; 8. Brazil: Local politician abducted and killed; 9. Turkey: “Your plainclothes policeman is waiting”; 10. Japan resumes hanging; 11. Iraq: Al-Sayyid ‘Ala’uddin ‘Ali Bahr al-‘Ulum; 12. China (Tibet): Jigme Sangpo; 13. Turkey: Metin Can and Dr Hasan Kaya; 14. Focus: A challenge to governments (includes a statement on a Special Commissioner for Human Rights, a message from AI’s Secretary General, and selected issues for the UN World Conference)

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