Wire, March/April 2013. Vol. 43, issue 02

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: Not forgotten: A return to South Sudan 3) Enough! Time for a strong Arms Trade Treaty 4) We’re unlocking the truth about secret renditions in Europe 5) No more lost generations: stop discrimination against Romani people in Europe 6) Lights, Camera…Activism: Celebrating Art for Amnesty 7) [poster] The arms trade is out of control 8) From ‘Days of rage’ to raging conflict: Two years of turmoil in Syria 9) Belarus: ‘I can’t believe he’s not here any more’ 10) Iraq: Still living in fear 11) A force for good 12) Good news & updates: China: Gao Zhisheng allowed visitors; Nigeria: Ibrahim Umar released; USA: Supermax prison closed 13) Worldwide Appeals; Iraq: Four men sentenced to death; Belarus: Prisoner of conscience; Mexico: Priest working with migrants at risk; Japan: Hakamada Iwao and Okunishi Masaru sentenced to death; USA: South Texas execution looms; South Africa: Justice for murdered LGBTI activist 14) Write for Rights: When a letter is all that is needed

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