Wire, April/May 2011. Vol. 41, issue 02

1) Death and injury the order of the day 2) LiveWire: Libya; Romania; Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories; Egypt 3) Time to demand a bullet-proof Arms Trade Treaty 4) They will not be silenced 5) Students act for rights 6) In solitary confinement since 1972 7) Join us in a toast to freedom [poster] 8) The Railway dwellers 9) Belarus authorities must release peaceful election protesters 10) Reproductive rights as risk in Indonesia 11) Asylum-seekers’ rights: Seeking justice 12) How we wrote for rights and made a difference 13) Q&A Ludmila Alekseeva 14) USA: Illinois abolishes the death penalty 15) Crisis in the Middle East: An appeal 15) Worldwide appeals: India: Indigenous activist prisoner of conscience: Kartam Joga; Iraq: Facing the death penalty: Samar Sa’ad Abdullah; Mexico: Human rights activists killed: Bety Cariño Trujillo and Jyri Antero Jaakkola; Sri Lanka: Journalist victim of enforced disappearance: Prageeth Eknaligoda; Sudan: Journalist prisoner of conscience tortured: Abuzar Al Amin; Tajikistan: Illegally detained and tortured: Illhom Ismonov 16) Postcards: Invitation to raise a toast to freedom; Stop forced evictions in Ghana; Minister, remember that ‘asylum’ is a Greek word: Protect the rights of asylum-seekers

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