The Wire, April/May 2009. Vol. 39, issue 002

Index Number: NWS 21/002/2009

1) World Health Day: When rescuers become casualties; 2) Counter Terror with Justice: On the rights way to justice 3) Livewire: Grief is still so raw; The task of reconstruction will be truly immense; 100 days campaign in Kenya 4) International Workers Day: Crackdown on migrant workers in South Korea 5) World Press Freedom Day: Dying for speaking out 6) Zimbabwe’s government! Show your commitment to protecting and respecting human rights [poster] 7) World Health Day 2009: Don’t hold hospitals hostage [poster] 8) Human rights talk: Abukar Albadri Q&A 9) Activism: Anyone can be an activist 10) Colombia: Childhood denied 11) Research spotlight: Belarus behind closed doors; Police abuses in France: Time for the truth; The state of rights in Kurdistan 12) Did you know?; In Somalia; In Cuba13) Worldwide appeals: Equatorial Guinea: Incommunicado detention for prisoners of conscience; Indonesia: Protestors tortured and imprisoned; Mexico: Indigenous rights activist prisoner of conscience; Turkey: Peaceful protestor dies in custody; Iran: Trade union activist persecuted 14) Postcards: End executions in Belarus [EUR 49/003/2009] ; Provide health care to all Zimbabweans now AFR 46/013/2009]; Protect Russian human rights defenders and journalists [EUR 46/004/2009]

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