Amnesty International News, February 1994. Vol.24, No.2.

1. Tunisia: Actions must speak louder than words; 2. USA: Letter to USA asks Clinton to put an end to all executions; 3. Brazil: “Candelaria massacre”; 4. China: State secrets charges gag free speech; 5. Kenya: Koigi wa Wamwere; 6. Hungary: Woman miscarries after police beating; 7. United Nations: Building on the foundations of the UN World Conference; 8. Malawi: AI mission; 9. Bahrain: Bahraini nationals face repeated forcible exile; 10. Pakistan: Worldwide publicity campaign prompts release of journalist; 11. Armenia: Lack of executioners means years waiting on death row; 12. Worldwide appeals on cases in Cyprus, Syria and South Korea; 13. Focus: Justice on trial: Kuwait three years after liberation.

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