Amnesty International News, May 1993. Vol.23, No.2.

1. Tadzhikistan: The tragedy the world ignores. 2. Chad: The nightmare continues. 3. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Sandzak Muslims abducted from Serbian- held areas. 4. Turkey: Attacks on human rights workers continue. 5. Iraq: UN calls for on-site monitoring. 6. Guinea-Bissau: Death penalty abolished. 7. Afghanistan: Government soldiers attack Shi’a minority in Kabul. 8. USA: HIV-positive Haitians denied entry to US. 9. Saudi Arabia: Christians held in untried detention. 10. South Africa: Inquest finds police liable for death in custody. 11. Focus: A shameful legacy: human rights violations against the world’s indigenous peoples. 12. Worldwide appeals for people from Rwanda, Yemen and the Philippines.

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