Wire, February/March 2011. Vol. 41, issue 001

1) World Water Day: Plenty of water, but not for Roma 2) LiveWire: Egypt: The helplessness of the unknown; Twelve hours that shook Tunisia; The fate of Dr. Binayek Sen will help to show the real India 3) Sudan: Making history 4) Join our new Security with Human Rights campaign 5) A new beginning [poster] 6) Language rights: Struggling for words 7) International Women’s Day: ‘What to wear?’ 8) Human rights talk: Q&A: Sandya Eknaligoda 9) Did you know? “Best Christmas present ever” 10) Worldwide appeals: Nigeria: Child shot by police while playing: Emmanuel Egbo; Mexico: Rape survivors seek justice: Inés Fernández Ortega and Valentina Rosendo Cantú; Russian Federation: No justice for murdered activist: Natalia Estemirova; Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories: Families face forced eviction: Hadidiya and Humsa hamlets; Algeria: Detained without trial since 1999: Malik Medjnoun; Philippines: Indigenous rights activist disappeared: James Balao 11) Postcards: Zimbabwe: Maternal health care missing at Hopley; Slovenia: Prime Minister, stop ignoring Roma’s human rights; Iran: Release Sa’id Metinpour now

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