The Wire, February 2005. Vol. 35, No.1.

Index Number: NWS 21/001/2005

1) Patterns of impunity in French police abuse 2) Refugee rights are being eroded in central Africa 3) Peace requires justice for women and girls in Liberia 4) Domestic violence rife in Russian Federation 5) Free Peru’s ‘innocent prisoners’ now 6) Worldwide appeals: USA: Guantánamo detainee must be given prisoner of war protection; Yemen: Chief editor imprisoned because of his beliefs; Saudi Arabia: Possible death sentence for 13 Nigerian men 7) Updates: Laos; Algeria; Chile; China; USA 8) Arms and injustice continue to fuel the war in Sudan 9) The most important lesson of your life 10) Abolition of the death penalty in West Africa – major gains 11) USA ties military aid to human rights in Nepal 12) Libya upholds death sentences in ‘Muslim Brothers’ case

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