Amnesty International News, January 1994. Vol.24, No.1.

Index Number: NWS 21/001/1994

1. UK: Prison officers killed Zairian asylum-seeker says inquest. 2. Guatemala: Jailed soldiers withdraw death squad allegations. 3. Myanmar: Ma Thida, prisoner of conscience. 4. Togo: Attiogbe Stephane Koudossou and Gerard Akoumey: imprisoned on basis of confessions extracted by torture. 5. Iraq: Marsh Arabs under attack. 6. Focus: Children in terror. 7. Haiti: Priest reports on shootings outside church. 8. Burundi: An eye-witness account of the coup and its aftermath. 9. Somalia: UN forces release Somali prisoners. 10. Jamaica: New hope for prisoners on death row. 11. Russia: Beatings and deportations follow state of emergency. 12. Algeria: Political violence spirals in Algeria.

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