Amnesty International News, April 1993. Vol.23, No.1.

1. Yugoslavia: Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo under increased threat from Serbian police. 2. Pakistan: Death by stoning sentence suspended. 3. Guatemala: Army sergeant gets 25 years following landmark conviction for political murder. 4. Turkey: “Thought-crime” still grounds for imprisonment. 5. Colombia: Death threats force local leaders to flee. 6. Togo: Army opens fire on demonstrators. 7. Tunisia: Human rights activists targeted. 8. Nigeria: Special Tribunal sentences 14 to death. 9. Japan: Refugees and asylum seekers at risk. 10. Iraq: Hostage fears. 11. Rwanda: Commission finds evidence of “genocide and war crimes”. 12. Saudi Arabia: Torture and death in custody. 13. Focus: Helping the victims. 14. Worldwide appeals for people from Brazil, Bahrain and South Africa.

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