Tunisia: Political activists unjustly detained: Chaima Issa, Jaouhar Ben Mbarek & Khayam Turki

Since February 2023, Tunisian authorities have opened criminal investigations against at least 21 people including political opposition activists, lawyers, and businessmen on unfounded accusations of conspiracy. Authorities are currently detaining at least nine people under this investigation including opposition figures Chaima Issa and Jaouhar Ben Mbarek as well as politician Khayam Turki. Tunisia’s anti-terrorism court is investigating them under 10 articles of the Penal Code –
including Article 72, which mandates the death penalty for trying to “change the nature of the state”. We call on the Tunisian authorities to drop the charges against Chaima Issa, Jaouhar Ben Mbarek and Khayam Turki and immediately release them as they are detained for exercising their human rights through activism.

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