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"Disappearances" and political killings: human rights crisis of the 1990s - a manual for action (pre-publication version): Chapter C-6: Morocco: The "disappeared" reappear

, Index number: MDE 29/005/1993

Hundreds of suspected government opponents, including over 500 people of Western Saharan origin (Sahrawis) and over 100 Moroccans, have "disappeared" since the 1960s. In 1991, after being held in secret detention for up to 19 years in appalling conditions, more than 300 of these prisoners were released. The authorities had persistently denied holding them. This report discusses the phenomenon of "disappearance" in Morocco, and assesses some of the factors, including the Amnesty International campaign, which led to these releases. Many died in detention, and hundreds are believed to remain in secret detention. Cases cited include Mohamed Ben Ali Boulahia Tati, Abdelhaq Rouissi, Mehdi Ben Barka, Houcine El Manouzi, and El Bechir (Abdi) ould Labbat ould Mayara

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