Further information on UA 303/93 (MDE 28/14/93, 3 September) – Algeria: fear of expulsion: Ameur Legraidi, Fathi Ouerghi and new name: Belhassen Ouhichi (Tunisian nationals)

The three men named above were handed over to the Tunisian authorities on 8 July 1993, even though they had been recognized as refugees in need of protection by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Algiers. Since his forcible return, Ameur Legraidi has been held in 9 Avril Prison in Tunis, and allegedly tortured. He reportedly bears bruises and open wounds on his face and body and is too weak to stand. The two other men are believed to be held in the same prison. About 15 other Tunisian asylum-seekers in Algeria have gone into hiding, as they justifiably fear forcible return to Tunisia.

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