UA 167/94 – Syria: incommunicado detention / fear of torture: Fadi Munir Jadid, Usama Munir Jadid, Nidal Mahmud Jadid, Salah Mahmud Jadid, Ghassan Fuad Jadid, Saddiq Riad Jadid, Yassir Riad Jadid, ‘Ammar ‘Abbud, ‘Ali ‘Issa al-Hakim, ‘Abd al-Razzaq al-Hall

Index Number: MDE 24/006/1994

Those named above have been held incommunicado for nine months. They were arrested shortly after the funeral of former prisoner of conscience Salah Jadid who died after almost 23 years in prison without charge or trial. They are possibly being held because of their relationship to or association with the deceased. If this is so, AI would consider them to be prisoners of conscience.

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