Saudi Arabia: Further information: Uyghur teenage girl and mother detained: Buheliqiemu Abula, Nuermaimaiti Ruze, Aimidoula Waili

Uyghur woman Buheliqiemu Abula and her 13-year-old daughter were detained near Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on 31 March and told by police they faced deportation to China along with two Uyghur men already held. Buheliqiemu Abula is the former wife of Nuermaimaiti Ruze, who with Aimidoula Waili has been detained without charge in Saudi Arabia since November 2020. All four of them are now at risk of deportation to China, where they will highly likely be subjected to arbitrary detention, torture and persecution. Pursuant to the international law, the Saudi authorities must immediately stop their deportation.

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